We learn some advice about how far the animal’s reach is. Jonathan has mapped out the sightings of in which the monster was found. They realize that it’s just actually traveled within a mile’s radius, suggesting to us that it has a limited range of travel between the ‘Upside Down’ and the real world. We’re given much more insight into the way the monster can possibly cross measurements when our favorite boy gang inquires their mathematics teacher questions about how one would travel through dimensions.

The instructor, bless his heart, gives a somewhat earnest explanation with an analogy (the acrobat and the flea) to demonstrate how it’s possible to find loopholes around the principles that govern every dimension. With this information, the gang begins devising plans to go rescue, Will.

While our boys are plotting, we’re brought back to Lonnie fixing Joyce’s house from her anxiety-ridden destruction. While he is fixing it, his true motivation for why he is there begins coming out. Considering that the sue-happy society we live in, it was fairly clear what he was going for when he began talking about creating the quarry owners pay for their son’s “departure”. Thank goodness Joyce picks up with this bs fast and promptly kicks him out despite his hemming and hawing. Great for you, Joyce. Further, into the series Hopper comes and visits, carrying a sign that intentionally states, “Don’t Say Anything”. After immediately checking the house for bugs, he affirms what Joyce already understood. Will is out there and he’s alive.

They determine the compasses can direct them to where the gate into the ‘Upside Down’ is and, despite how anxious ‘Eleven’ is all of them venture out. It does not take long for them to figure out that something isn’t right, particularly after Dustin points outside the setting sun. ‘Eleven’ has been manipulating the magnetic stimulation around the compasses this whole time, claiming it’s dangerous for them to get the gate.

This high psychological state and the mentioning of the whole matter being her fault triggers a flashback. We see her submerged in a water tank so as to find a Russian guy for Dr. Brenner. While in there she hears a growling, which might be connected to the monster that is wrecking havoc in the series. After the flashback, we see that she’s vanished from the boys.

Personally, I believe that this is the most stupid part of watch stranger things online free plot up to now. After a short debate, they run across a dead deer that’s been hit by a vehicle. Just as they are going to take it and put it out of its misery, it is dragged back from the monster. They freak out and try to follow where they believe the monster has gone. Initially, it seems impossible until Nancy finds a gooey tree trunk. She proceeds to climb in and walk to the ‘Upside Down’. It does not take her long to get the monster nomming on the bull and, in one of the most cliched minutes of all monster movies ever, she alerts it to her existence by minding a tree branch. The episode of stranger things online free ends with Jonathan hearing her screams and being unable to find her while we’re given a shot of the tree trunk gradually closing up.

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