That is, of course, just a single interpretation of the moments of April’s Season 6 finale, but it was a popular one.  After The Walking Dead online finally introduced Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the most fearsome villain from the comics, it had him kill a core character without revealing the identity of the victim.  The show’s overseers spent a lot of the off-season answering for the choice.   But, he added, “we know the payoff will be well worth the wait.”  This is the question that is most urgent, mostly because the show spent half a season teasing Negan arrival and failed to reveal whom he brutalized.  To briefly recap: The finale ended with 11 members of Rick’s team captured by the group called the Saviors and kneeling before its leader, Negan, who menaced them a bat named Lucille — before picking his target.Count me among those who felt genuinely cheated but that under the bridge.  The producers promise we will learn the victim’s identity on.  Because, among other reasons, the show has teased at his death before, Glenn seems to be the odds-on favorite.   But it is worth wondering: Will more than one of the crew of Rick meet with the bat?  Could that be the real spin?   One man, it’s not: Rick, who was revealed in a preview to have endured, though I doubt anyone seriously believed he was in drama.By all available evidence, yes!

He’s a despot who’s about to kill at least one of our favorite characters and rules much of the countryside through violence and extortion.  The fantastic news is, Mr. Morgan, brings a sinister allure to Negan, and Rick and company have not squared off against a suitable Big Bad because of David Morrisey’s Governor in the walking dead Seasons 3 and 4, that was perhaps the most beautiful stretch of the sequence.  So while things have gotten worse for our heroes, they may be on the upswing for audiences.I guess the first question is, will Maggie survive?  But the show seemed to be putting up her last season to get a leadership role going forward, so it seems likely.  You’ll recall that the reason Team Rick left Alexandria in the first place was for Maggie, whose pregnancy appeared to be at risk in search of health care.  That led to Negan and the Savior detour.  Everyone associated with “The Walking Dead” keeps highlighting how emotionally and dark gut-wrenching the season premiere is, so the infant’s chances don’t seem great.  But let’s be optimistic and say 50-50.Carol was seen suffering from a gunshot wound, and a breakdown produced about, approaching the end of Season 6, by her evolution into a stone murderer.  She had escaped Alexandria in a struggle to avoid doing any more slaying and was forced to dispatch more people.  (Pacifism is tricky in a post-apocalyptic hellscape.)  Morgan, the Buddhist Jedi, who was obliged to perform his killing to save Carol out of a Savior named Roman eventually joined her.  The finale ended with Morgan encountering another group known as the Kingdom.

Season 6 of The walking dead online story

Morgan experiences and Carol should offer a breather from all of the things happening at Camp Savior if nothing else.  (Named the Sanctuary.) First glimpsed near the end of the walking dead Season 6, little is known about this group’s members from the fact that they wear armor and ride horses.   Trailers revealed that they are headed by a dreadlocked man named Ezekiel (Khary Payton), who has a pet tiger.  However, in the big picture, the Kingdom could lead to a pretty radical shift in the “Walking Dead” narrative.The previous six seasons have centered on the discoveries of safe harbors, which are then undone by your walker swarms, your Governors and your cults leading to more searches for refuge to be destroyed by predators of the primary group.  Rinse, chop, repeat.  However, with the emergence of groups such as the Kingdom, the Hilltop, and the Redeemer, to go along with the Alexandrians including Wolves, the series might be entering a period of clashing colonies, forming a sort of backwoods parallel to the early Aztec city-states such as Sparta and Athens, but with zombies.  Which could be cool. Yes, Ezekiel has a tiger, which seems puzzling in a series.  There’s a branch in “Walking Dead” fandom between those who have read the comics, and get an excess charge when favorite characters from the books arrive in the show and those who have not, and might wonder why anyone thought to add a C.G.I. Tiger for this story was a good idea.  But we should probably reserve judgment for now.

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